How to Save Money While Traveling

how to save money while traveling

You don’t have to be rich to travel; it doesn’t matter if you’re visiting your own country or going abroad. Traveling can be expensive, but with a few tips and planning, you can save a lot of money and still have fun. Here are ten easy tips on how you can save money while you’re traveling:

1) Find Free Tourist Attractions

If you’re not careful, you might end up spending a lot of money on tourist attractions, and those are usually pretty expensive. Choose one or two must-see paid attractions and alternate with other free activities. Most museums have a free day when there are no entrance fees. You can also visit churches, parks, municipal markets. Some cities also offer free walking tours and meetups.

2) Don’t carry a lot of luggage

Have you ever noticed that when you pack a lot of stuff, most of the time, you don’t even use even half of them? You can save a lot of money on airline baggage fees if you use a carry-on suitcase to pack your essential items. You won’t need to wait for your luggage after leaving the airplane and won’t carry around a lot of weight during your trip.

3) Buy a Refillable Water Bottle

There’s already too much plastic in the world. A refillable water bottle is not only sustainable but also for your wallet. You can refill anywhere, like at the airport, hotel, or hostel. There’s also the option of buying iodide tablets for situations when you’re not sure if the water is clean.

4) Use Public Transportation and Walk as Much as Possible

There’s no reason why you should spend a lot of money on taxis and car rentals. Do like the locals and use public transportation. It’s cheaper, and you’ll get to know more about the city. You might find walking in your city boring, but when you’re traveling, you’ll get distracted with the novelty of the place and won’t even realize you’re walking. 

5) Use a Credit Card that Doesn’t Charge for Foreign Transaction Fees

Did you know that some credit card issuers charge 2-3% foreign transaction fees on each international purchase? Therefore, it’s essential to look for a credit card that doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees to save money on your trip. 

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6) Eat Street Food / Cook / Buy Food at Supermarkets

If you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending a lot of money on food. One option to eat cheaply while also trying local food is by eating street food. If your accommodation has a kitchen, you can also cook at your Airbnb or hostel. Pre-made supermarket food, like sandwiches and salads, are also usually cheap, and a good alternative.

7) Plan Your Trip in Advance

It’s a known fact that booking in advance will get you a much better deal. But it’s also essential to know where you’re going so that you can find better rates on expenses, such as city cards, that offer discounts on museums and transportation.

8) Look for Discounts in Accommodation

There are many ways in which you can save in accommodation, depending on the type of traveler you are. You can stay for free at locals’ houses through Couchsurfing, exchange your work for accommodation at or even rent a room at If you prefer to stay at a hotel, you can use the Rewards program and win free complimentary nights.

9) Always Have Snacks With You

Restaurants in touristic places and airports are usually really expensive. So it’s a good idea to have foods like peanuts, protein bars, or dried food with you. That way, you won’t feel the urge to spend a lot of money on food.

10) Visit Small Cities

Sure, bigger cities like London or New York are beautiful, but they’re super expensive. There are many advantages to visiting smaller cities: they’re not crowded, they’re cheaper, you’ll learn more about the country, meet the locals and their customs while also maybe learning a new language.


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